The Thai Medicine embraces manual therapy as evolved within the cultural context of Theravada Buddhism. In Buddhist philosophy, the concept of Metta, which is understood as Loving Kindness, is a core component of daily life. The practice of Thai Massage and healing work is understood to be a practical application of Metta: the practitioner endeavours to work in a state of mindfulness, and present in each moment to bring about energy shifts and changes in the client’s body and mind. Expect to be both pressed and stretched at various intensities to facilitate the smooth and constant flow of bioenergy (Chi, Prana) throughout the body and mind.

Thai massage exerts peripheral stimulation to affect the internal physiologic functions of the recipient's organs, glands, nervous system, and brain. Its primary therapeutic effect is accomplished by releasing tensed muscles through pressing and stretching techniques and restoring the smooth flow of bioenergy through the energetic pathways. It achieves this by:

  • breaking down fibrotic tissues and stimulating the production of more elastic fibers
  • enhancing blood flow, increasing thus the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues
  • stretching the muscles in various directions delivering a diversity of signals to the brain
  • restore balance within and between functional muscle groups
  • increases flexibility
  • improves posture
  • diminishes pain and stiffness

Thai Massage is done on a firm futon or mat on the floor with the patient dressed in light clothes. Typically a session lasts between 1 ½ - 2 hours, but can also be considerably longer if needed. The practitioner uses his or her thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply a combination of acupressure, gentle rocking and twisting, joint and spine mobilizations and assisted yoga stretches. With the therapist using bodyweight instead of strength and a steady and meditative rhythm, Thai Massage looks and feels like a graceful dance between giver and receiver.

Finally, as a recipient of Thai massage, expect to be moved beyond the edge of your perceived limitations, exploring what your body can do and seeking to overcome these limitations in a highly relaxed state. You might be amazed of what your body can do!

I offer Thai Massage in Central and North London, either at the Light Centre in Moorgate, or by travelling to your home. Please contact me to enquire a quote.

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