Pilates, Nia, Garuda, Massage and Movement Therapy

Body / Mind

The capacity for exertion or endurance...
Condition your body, build a strong mind
Full body movements associated with
improved muscular strength, flexibility, balance
and coordination,improved mental development
and self-efficacy

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Living / Exercise

Human bodies are prone to mechanical
problems which may lead to
The Body's intelligence seeks for and
supports The Body's Healing.

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Symptom Relief
Prevent reoccurance
Take control of the pain

Body & Mind

Improper body alignment limits function,
and negatively affects movement efficiency.
Therapeutic exercise and kinesthetic training,
can restore postural alignment
and help your body function better.

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Postural Alignment
Exercise for Scoliosis/Cyphosis
Muscle Energy Technique for
Body Alignment Restoration

Exercise and
Cancer Rehabilitation

Surviving cancer and making it
through cancer treatment
are major accomplishments.
The latest research suggests that
exercise for cancer patients may help.

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Movement Restoration
Weight Control
Stay fit during treatment
Return to Health

    Initially named Contrology by its creator Joseph Pilates, pilates is a physical fitness system that focuses on the core postural muscles, which help keep the body balanced and the spine supported. Method exercises also encourage increased flexibility, joint mobility and range-of-motion.

    Whether you want to improve your sports performance, or you seek help for rehabilitation, Pilates is suitable for you.

    I offer Pilates training and therapy to help develop your core strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance and postural alignment.
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    Nia blends the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts for the ultimate in fusion fitness. Short for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, Nia always seeks “the body’s way,” the grace and economy of the natural body.

    Practiced barefoot to music, each person is invited to move at his or her own level of intensity, adapting the 52 Moves to their body potential at any given moment.

    Trained to the Black Belt level, I teach classes and present Nia at various events around London. I also offer corporate Nia classes in a range of formats tailored to the corporate environment and the type of work undertaken by the employees. Find out more...
    Qigong is the cultivation of internal energy (Qi). Coordinate the concentrated mind with breathing patterns, physical postures and very little physical movement. Movement is present all the time - even when the practitioner seems perfectly still.

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    While exercise may not be a primary cure for scoliosis, it can certainly be very helpful when it comes to conditioning the body to deal with the effects of scoliosis. Exercise for people with scoliosis will strengthen back muscles, which can be very helpful in preventing, as well as relieving, back pain frequently associated with the condition. It will also help to maintain good posture, which is very important for scoliosis patients because it can decrease the chance of scoliosis returning after successful treatment.

    I offer personalize exercise programs that reflect my experience drawn from Pilates, the Schroth Method, The Garuda, and other modalities. Find out more ...
    It is common that people undergoing treatment for cancer will at some stage of their treatment journey experience a degree of cancer related fatigue (CRF). It can happen during or after the treatment, and can persist for weeks, months or even years. We now know that staying active, while having the right amount of rest, can help to combat the many side-effects of cancer treatments and help patients improve their quality of life and functioning.

    Apart from being certified to work with exercise and cancer rehabilitation, I have been treating cancer patients with Aromatherapy to help them with the side effects of their treatment for the past 4 years. I bring the powers of these two worlds, exercise and therapy, together to help cancer survivors stay strong and functional during their journey. Find out more ...

    The body's functions and self healing abilities are awesome. I work with a range of clients with varying conditions, from simple stress to serious injuries. Applying a wide range of techniques, varying from muscle energy techniques to supported, passive movements, the aim is to restore the body's balance, tone and flexibilty.
    I am passionate about helping people with scoliosis, and other structural problems. Find out more ...
    Aromatherapy uses natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being, and promote whole body healing.
    Trained to the Black Belt level, I teach classes and present Nia at various events around London. I also offer corporate Nia classes in a range of formats tailored to the corporate environment and the type of work undertaken by the employees. Find out more...
    An ancient healing art, Traditional Thai Massage works on an energy line system (the Ten Sen) through which the body's natural life force flows. Blockages in this life force cause aches,pains and disease.

    I offer Thai Massage in Central and North London, either at the Light Centre in Moorgate, or by travelling to your home. Please contact me to enquire a quote.

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