Whether you are a competitive athlete or a non-athlete acquiring and maintaining a strong body is important to improve and maintain your ability to perform certain tasks. Train to increase mobility, stability, strength, balance, fat-free mass, personal self-esteem or to help posture and stay healthy and injury-free for life. Using a combination of resistance exercises (whether your own body weight or some sort of equipment is used), core stability exercises, and functional exercises will enable you not only to use your body efficiently (consuming no more energy than what is needed to perform a movement) but also give you a strong center that will protect you in sitting, standing or moving in space.

Train yourself to move through all three planes of movement at various intensities, and you will soon see the benefits of getting fit and feeling great. As your personal trainer, I am completely committed to helping you get the results you want, tailoring your programme to suit your individual objectives. I will take the time to talk to you about where you are now and where you want to be.

Book your free assessment now to assess your current fitness levels, discuss your goals and the time you have available, then create a completely personalised training plan. Among the different tools and techniques I adopt, I apply concepts of Pilates, Garuda, anatomy trains and kinetic chains, and nervous system training to achieve movement integration (the whole body participates in activity as a unit sharing the work load among its part in the most efficient way). Personal training times are arranged in agreement between me and you, and I can offer visits at home or at your workplace. Please call or email me for a quote. I also offer sports massage and manual therapy to recover from a tiring session or release work-related tension and stress. Look at the areas where I hold my clinics.














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