Can you imagine yourself being able to move freely, without un-necessary pain and with a reduced risk of injury? Can you see yourself being tension free, agile and flexible, able to sit those long hours at your desk without armouring pain in the shoulders, bending to pick up your child without your back sending shooting pain down your legs or up in the neck, or being able to walk around that long golf course without heel pain?

Have you on the other hand considered that all these pain experiences I mention above are here to protect you? To warn you that you are doing something wrong, and you will become injured unless you take some sort of action? Pain is a useful tool. It is often felt just before an injury is about to happen to give us chance to react, and protect the body from further damage. Similarly (chronic) pain is here to encourage us to take action to promote healing.

By re-educating and improving the body's ability to cope with gravity, ground reaction force, acceleration and deceleration, you can achieve optimal human motion and function. Traditional physical therapy often overlooks the fact that the body acts like a kinetic chain, absorbing force through one part while releasing some other part, and distributing the forces throughout the entire body. Research has shown that the human body operates like a tensegrity structure, in which a strain or deformation in one place will distribute in the whole body. A restricted area along this kinetic chain, or an altered body usage will have a ripple effect throughout the entire body and will eventually lead to tension and/or pain, or if the strain is greater to the body’s threshold to injury.

I work with my clients to prevent and rehabilitate injury, manage long term medical conditions and cope with long term pain through movement therapy. This naturally means that if suitable, I will teach you specific exercise, whereas if the problem requires manual intervention, I will device a treatment plan of neuromuscular therapy. The approach always starts with assessing the whole body to understand the root of the problem, and also to understand how you use your body in everyday life and in physical activity. I aim at working with you on restoring normal physical condition, and then increase your physical fitness. I am to deliver cutting edge service to my clients and I continue to study in order to better my practice and stay ahead of the curve.

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